FJ Wedding Car Hire – All Your Questions Answered

FJ Wedding Car Hire – All Your Questions Answered

When it comes to hiring an Australian wedding car, nothing is more iconic than the beautiful FJ Holden.

The FJ Wedding Cars suit any style of wedding you have in mind from modern, retro, beach, anything…we did say they are iconic.

FJ Wedding Car Hire are the specialists when it comes to arranging your wedding transport.

You  will be spoilt for colour, and style, so simple, why not include a few.  You won’t be disappointed.

Below are some commonly asked questions when it comes to hiring an FJ Wedding Car…CLICK HERE to view FJ Wedding Car listing.


Q. How Many People Can Fit In Each Car?
A.  Three people comfortably, plus your chauffeur.  The FJ Ute fits one person plus the chauffeur.  No child restraints can be fitted to the cars, therefore alternative transport arrangements for children under the age of 12 years is required.

Q.  Can The Cars Be Inspected Before Making A Booking?
A.  Certainly.  A private viewing can be arranged, just contact us to arrange a time.

Q.  Is there a minimum hire time?
A.  Yes, the minimum time is 2 hours.

Q.  When Does The Hire Time Begin And End?
A.  Hire time begins when the cars leave home until the end of the specified hire time. Eg: 4pm pick up to 6pm reception drop off.

Q.  Do You Offer Getaway Cars For the Married Couple?
A.  YES.  Just contact us for an individual quotation.

Q.  What Happens In There Is A Vehicle Breakdown or Accident?
A.  Our cars are meticulously serviced regularly.  If FJ Wedding Car Hire fails to comply with the terms of the agreement for any reason, then we are obliged to refund all monies paid by the customer.  FJ Wedding Car Hire is not liable for any accident, injury or damage whatsoever that may occur during the hire service to any person or property.

Q.  Can We View Your Terms And Conditions:
A.  YES.  Just view our website and booking form.

CLICK HERE to view FJ Wedding Car listing.

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