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Advertising  at  an Affordable  Price

Before you join, you have questions, so let’s answer a few that we get asked and then see if we are the right fit for your business.

Q.  Cost to advertise?
Always one of the first questions, so lets’ set your mind at ease. We are exceptionally affordable. One of the things we are proud of is that we can assure you that the price you join at is the price you pay, either monthly, quarterly or yearly for the life of your listing. NO PRICE INCREASE EVER. Yes, so if you are with us in 3 or 5 years you will still be paying the price that applied when you first joined.

Q. How can you do it for the price? What is the catch?
Firstly, there is no catch, no hidden costs.  Secondly, we have been fortunate in life and we can now share that by offering pricing for businesses which is ridiculously affordable and why…because we want to. No big deal.

Q.  How long is the contract?
A.  There is non, so leave whenever you like. Your listing will be visible up to the end of the paid up period.

Q. How will people find my listing?
Your listing will be seen in each category, sub category and regions which are relevant to your business. Also seen via quality blogs a national directory and national online wedding store and social media platforms for both the state and national directories and more.

Q. What can be included in my listing?
Anything you want, it’s that simple. We include content, locations serviced, contact hours, detailed features, logos of awards won and associations you are involved with, images, video, pdfs, anything.

Q. Are we only seen via the listing?
NO NO NO. Articles and blogs with links back are used to highlight categories and services and shown via social media and site.

Q. Can I send images or special offers in to the directory?
Yes, we encourage it, special offers will be entered on a blog and seen via social media also. Images of your business on a wedding day or special occasion can be included in the Real Wedding section with links back to your listing and also seen via social media, so we do encourage clients to send them in.

Q. How do you advertise the directory.
We advertise via all platforms, print, online, social media, expos, Google adwords and more.

We believe we offer more service at an affordable price so why not give us a try.  If you’d like to join us then complete the form below or call us on 08 8847 4442 or 0400 522 496 and we can get you listed.

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