Beach Weddings – Things Too Consider

Beach Weddings – Things Too Consider


When planning your beach wedding some things need to be considered:

  • It is essential that the correct beach permits and council approval are in order
  • Give careful consideration to the wedding outfits for all of the bridal party. A veil and long wedding dress will get covered in sand
  • Consider having a wrap on hand should it be required
  • A speaker system may be required to ensure you guests can hear the ceremony over the waves and general noise
  • Check that any chairs are secured prior to people being seated or they may fall over
  • You may consider wearing your hair up if a windy day
  • It always pays to have an area when people are coming off the sand that they can brush sand of their feet. Maybe supply a few soft brushes to assist.
  • The sun can be glary, so ensure you have spare sunglasses for those that forgot
  • Most beaches are public. If you want complete privacy then consider renting a beachfront restaurant or an ocean view private estate.
  • Check there are no public events happening in the near vicinity
  • Have a backup plan as the weather can be unpredictable

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