Before YES, consider this

Before YES, consider this


Are you getting to the stage where you are thinking the proposal is coming or you’ve started discussing the next step in your relationship?

Once you’re married it is a legal partnership, you are joined as a couple and sometimes this can change the dynamics within your relationship.

It is always good to discuss your reasons for looking at the next step of marriage, they could include:

  • Simple – you love each other
  • It is religiously important to you both
  • You want to provide a stable environment for any children that may be involved from previous partners or you may have together
  • You want to show your commitment to each other
  • It’s a great excuse for a party

It you are unsure if marriage is the right step for you both you could consider:

  • Seeing a councilor to discuss your relationship
  • Speak to a member of your church
  • Speak openly with family

Though it seems obvious, and you have probably already discussed it, you do want to consider that you both agree on aspects that are involved in a permanent commitment, some of which may include:

  • Where you will live
  • How will you deal with finance
  • How will you handle disagreements
  • Do you both want children
  • If you have children from previous relationships how will your marriage affect them
  • Do you agree on what you want for the children and how they shall be raised
  • How will you deal with each other’s families
  • Future goals as a couple
  • Future goals of each of you individually
  • Will you support each other emotionally

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