Why Buy A Pre-Loved Wedding Dress?

Why Buy A Pre-Loved Wedding Dress?


The first thing everyone shall see when you arrive at the wedding venue, is the gown you are wearing.
So stand tall and dazzle in your beautiful dress.
People look at purchasing a pre loved gown for a number of reasons:

  • A great way to save money.
  • A family heirloom passed through the generations.
  • Someone had a lovely day with this dress so why not reuse more than once.
  • Simple – you saw the dress advertised and you love it.

Where to find a dress:

  • A lot of bridal shops have a section for pre loved dresses.
  • A friend may have one you like.
  • There are social media wedding groups where people sell or pass on their wedding dresses.
  • Thrift shops and op shops

How much should I pay for a pre loved dress?

  • It pays to research a dress, if you have seen a dress you like then surf the internet and see what pricing, new and pre loved is for the same or similar dress. This will give you an advantage when purchasing.
  • Usually as the dress has only been worn once, then, pay half of the retail value. Obviously the dress must be in excellent condition to warrant this cost.
  • If you doubt the original cost of the dress you could always ask to see a receipt. If the bride kept a budget then she will have the receipt.
  • If the dress is marked, soiled or obviously been used more than once then this should be indicative of the price and you should only be expected to pay what you are happy with, maybe 80% or even less.

You have found the dress now what?

  • Ask if the dress was dry cleaned after the person wore it. This will also indicate how they have cared for the gown.
  • The dress fitted the previous owner, but may need alterations to suit you. It is a good idea to have all your measurements with you when looking for a dress. You may be the same size but a different shape.
  • Try the dress on and move about in it, also stand in sunlight so you can see how the gown will look in sunlight and not just under artificial lighting.
  • Thoroughly examine the dress for any defects, tears, wearing and damage to the hemline. Usually only having been worn once a gown is in good condition, however, if it is for your wedding you must be happy with the dress.
  • You may love the dress but you could also take a friend or family member to also look over the dress, two sets of eyes are better than one, and you want the perfect dress.
  • Should the dress need alterations, ensure you use an experienced and reputable seamstress to make any alterations. If it has had previous alterations they shall take this into consideration when altering for you. If someone offers to alter the dress for you, I would be wary, but it is up to you. I would want an expert and be prepared to pay a reasonable price to ensure I get the dress done professionally.
  • Research the seller. Before handing over any money check the comments (if an online sale) of other people regarding the seller, or the reputation of the shop by viewing their website and various bridal chat rooms.
  • Once you have paid for the dress and leave the premises it is yours, so be happy with everything concerning the dress.
  • Once alterations are done I would request the dress be dry cleaned again prior to wearing.

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