Blue – What Does it Symbolise?

Blue – What Does it Symbolise?


The colour blue is associated with and represents:

  • Sky
  • Sea
  • Open Spaces
  • Freedom
  • Imagination
  • Expansiveness
  • Inspiration
  • Sensitivity
  • Depth
  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence
  • Heaven
  • Faith
  • Stability
  • Confidence
  • Widsom
  • Sincerity

Blue has positive effects of the mind and body and helps slow the metabolism and balance.

Some shades of blue or too much blue can also come across as cold or uncaring and can dampen the feel of an event.

In many cultures the colour is significant in religious beliefs, and is believed to keep bad spirits away.

In Iran blue is the colour of mourning.

Dark blue can be seen as elegant and sophisticated and royal blue can represent superiority.

Navy blue and white used together give a feeling and is well known for giving a nautical theme or feel.

There are different shades and tints of blue and just some of them are referred to as:

  • Sapphire
  • Azure
  • Beryl
  • Cerulean
  • Cobalt
  • Indigo
  • Navy
  • Royal
  • Sky Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Cyan
  • Cornflower
  • Midnight
  • Slate
  • Steel

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