Keeping Your Engagement Ring on Budget

Keeping Your Engagement Ring on Budget


Your engagement ring is the first of a long list of expenses when it comes to your wedding.

If your wedding is in the near future rather than a year or so down the track then budget may need to be considered.

You do not have to spend a huge amount to afford a beautiful ring.

Below are some budget tips when engagement ring shopping:

  • Do a bit of research into costs, if you are planning on having a ring custom made then have a jeweller email you a diamond pricelist to give you an approximate price range of what to expect. If you are comfortable in asking friends about the cost of their rings, then ask as you are looking at their ring you will have a good idea of what you get for the cost.
  • Set the budget. It is very important to have a financial guide of what you can spend, you don’t want to buy a $30,000 engagement ring if you cannot afford it and be paying for it for years.
  • Some people look at engagement rings online and that is fine, but do ensure you are comparing the same thing.  If a ring or diamond price sounds to good to be true then it probably is and proceed with caution.
  • Reveal your budget. If you are comfortable with the jeweller then why not tell them your budget, they can then show you everything within the price range and they could also discuss customising a ring within your budget.
  • Oh this is so hard, but lets face it we all get tempted with that stunning ring that needs a wheelbarrow to carry it in, however, it may not be practical, but most importantly it may not be within the budget and this can cause grief further down the track when you are still paying for it.
  • Alternatives to diamonds. If you definitely want a large stone but your budget just does not cover it then why not look at a coloured gemstone.  They can be just as stunning and may allow you to have larger side diamonds if you are having them, again something to discuss with the jeweller.

The most important thing to remember that engagement ring shopping should be enjoyable!

Setting a budget will take some of the stress out and no matter how big or small your budget is, remember a beautiful ring is possible!

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