The Exchanging Of Rings

The Exchanging Of Rings


Couples have been giving each other wedding bands for thousands of years. The circular form symbolises eternal love. In older times the two rings were made to match but nowadays they often do not – as you can see in the photos below.

There may be an initial idea that it would be nice to have a pair of matching bands but there are some considerations that can make this concept difficult to execute. For example, a bride usually already has her engagement ring at the time of designing the wedding bands. She most often prefers to have a wedding band that matches her engagement ring. Many women want a band that is fine and delicate (relative to men’s rings), the same thickness as the engagement ring and usually the same width. More than 80% of the time the bride would like diamonds in her wedding band.

Couples matching wedding rings
Matching wedding rings

Men’s wedding rings on the other hand are most often seen without diamonds and are between 6 and 8mm wide. Many grooms prefer the very plain half round or flat style wedding band, but often there are some lines or a simple pattern incorporated in the design. Quite often the groom wants something specific that he has seen or visualised for a long time. He may already know the exact width and design he wants.

The main thing is not that the bride and grooms’ wedding rings match, but for the individuals to be extremely happy with their personal choice of ring.

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