Tips to find your partners ring size!

Tips to find your partners ring size!


There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.

There is one decision that is incredibly important before purchasing and that is:


  • Choose the ring together
  • Surprise your partner with the ring

Obviously if you choose the ring together then it will be resized if need be and also you can be assured they are choosing the ring that they want and you are happy with also.

OR if you are confident with your choice of ring then why not surprise your partner.

There may be one obstacle though and that is you have no idea of their ring size.

Any ring can be resized but it would be so special if they could wear the ring straight after you propose and show the ring to everyone without it cutting of the blood flow or falling on the ground never to be seen again.

Believe us when we say that once we have a ring we don’t really want to part with it, even if it is only gone for resizing for a few days.

SO how to find out their ring size without giving the surprise away.  Well here are a few ideas.

  • If she owns a ring that fits on that finger already then see if you could sneak it away for a few days whilst you go shopping or even just try it on your fingers until you find the finger it fits perfectly and use that finger as a size representation.
  • If the above is not an option then why not enlist the help of a friend to see if rings could be included in a topic of conversation and see what a ring on the wedding ring finger would look like.
  • You could just ask if you think you could work it into a conversation, maybe with a trick ring of someone elses ring, but ensure this is done a long time in advance because after this she may be hoping the big question is coming soon.
  • If they are a sound sleeper you could take a piece of string and tie around the finger. Measure the length exactly and take this is a jeweller for them to work off.
  • Photography of the hand is also another option, however, this is really a very very very fall back position and it is just not accurate.

If you are considering surprising your partner it is a good idea to choose a jeweller that offers free resizing once you have proposed, however, keep in mind they are not going to want to give it up but will want it to fit perfectly as it will be looked at daily for life.

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