Go On…Eat Your Wedding Flowers

Go On…Eat Your Wedding Flowers


Flowers play such an important role in your wedding.

Most brides and bridesmaids have a bouquet and then there are the venue flowers.

Cost can be high and though they look stunning on the day, after a few days they may start to wilt unless given the proper care, and if you are away on honeymoon, then you are not getting the benefit.

WELL….would you consider this as an alternative.

Bouquets and flower arrangements that are edible, vibrant in colour and can be used well after the wedding.

Yes we are talking about using vegetables as an alternative.  Stop laughing.

Okay, so now you think we have gone crazy, but we love this idea.

There are endless benefits:

  • Vibrant colours
  • Great textures and shapes
  • Can be home grown
  • Save money, gather them from the vegie patches of friends.
  • Great in cold or hot weather
  • Reusable as a soup or just part of a meal
  • Freeze after the wedding and reuse
  • Great for creative photography
  • Budget friendly
  • People on the table could take an arrangement home, helps clean up and edible at the same time

Okay, so maybe we do think outside the square but we love some of these designs.

Use just one fruit with different tones.

A variety of fruits, herbs and Garlic

Beautiful Autumn colours.

Be creative, add some dried flowers, cotton wool and sliced fruit. Different but stunning.

Three different arrangements, very plain.

Love the vibrancy and colours in this arrangement.

Fresh, crisp and using one large vegi as a feature.

A small delicate bouquet with a pop of colour.

We love this. Using broccoli as greenery and a few roses, but predominantly apples.

A bit of everything in this arrangement.

By including small fruit such as strawberries and grape, if you need a nibble whilst having photographs taken, wahla, you can.

Great neutral tones with a spattering of flowers.

Great for a wedding in a forrest setting. Boho, medieval tones.

We all know about chocolate bouquets, but there are great alternatives, so just let your imagination run wild.

Why not consider nuts, they definitely won’t wilt and again, great in a forest setting.

What do you think?
Would you use them?

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