Jewellery & Special Life Occasions

Jewellery & Special Life Occasions


Life is full of special occasions, milestones and celebrations that brighten our days and bring love and joy into our hearts. Some of these occasions are traditionally marked by the gift of jewellery.

One of the most prominent occasions is the engagement of a couple to be married.

In our culture it is traditional for the female to be presented with a ring.

In some other cultures, couples give rings to each other, with the man also receiving a ring. These rings are obviously called Engagement rings and can be of any shape, size and even colour for that matter.

There are no rules in terms of the actual rings and everyone differs as to what they like. It seems to be more common for same-sex couples to each receive a ring at the engagement stage of their lives together. The typical engagement ring is generally diamond set. The style may be very simple and fine, to huge and heavy, depending on your fashion and style.

Following the engagement ring comes the wedding rings, another of the most important pieces of jewellery a couple can ever have. Wedding rings are usually made to match the engagement ring for women. For men it is really a matter of personal taste.

Engagement and wedding ring
Diamond engagement and wedding ring set

Once the engagement ring and the wedding ring have been given, the next gift of jewellery for couples is sometimes organised in secret, as a surprise.

The Eternity ring is usually given to the wife or partner on the first or later anniversary and most often is a copy of the wedding ring, to be worn on the other side of the engagement ring.

For wedding anniversaries, there are many presents that can be given, but smaller gifts of jewellery are often the most appreciated. These could be small, diamond earrings or a simple diamond pendant. When the 10th anniversary comes around, a grander gift like a diamond bracelet or bigger diamond earrings could be a given as statement of your love and commitment to your partner.

The birth of your first baby is a special occasion where a piece of jewellery as a gift is usually unexpected and truly appreciated. It is often called a maternity ring or ‘push present’. This could include diamonds in combination with the birthstone of the newborn.

Yearly birthday presents such as small jewellery tokens, to show love and appreciation, work well on these occasions. A relatively inexpensive coloured stone ring would be perfect. There are, on the other hand, milestone birthdays, where something more substantial may be more appropriate. For example, high quality gifts of jewellery for 21st birthdays are ideal, because they are eternal and memorable. Usually something simple in design is more fitting, such as a simple round diamond pendant which is timeless, can be worn every day with any outfit and for any occasion. For men, a signet ring or silver or gold key could be appropriate.

Other milestone birthdays include 30th, 40th, 50th etc., anything ending in zero. The 50th may be considered extra special and so the present needs to reflect that. Find out what he or she likes and have it made in gold!

A graduation is always a milestone. Whether it be secondary school, Law School or a vocational Diploma of some sort, it is an important occasion. It can be marked with a gift, both as a celebration and to create a lasting memory for the recipient. For the rest of their lives the person will remember, and tell people they received this on the day of their graduation. A meaningful present is always more treasured. A piece of jewellery that has some symbolism or story is something that can be remembered forever. A locket, or a specially designed pendant or ring that has a story behind it, would be ideal. Men’s rings come in all different designs and metals. A dress ring can be the perfect Graduation gift for a man.

In our culture we also give Christmas presents, Valentine’s day gifts and Mother’s day presents, and for all of these, a piece of jewellery would be an excellent gift idea.

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