Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding


Thinking of really getting away for your wedding?

A wedding in another country or state can be so romantic and a significant start to your new life together.

Whilst you may be dreaming of a ceremony on a white beach by a blue sea, or a lush green garden of tropical flowers or the full Church wedding with bells, there are a few considerations before you start to plan.

  • Is the area you have in mind safe to travel to? In this time of uncertainty with a world of problems it is important that you keep yourselves and your guests safe, as best you can.
  • How will you gain local information to find a wedding planner (if you haven’t found one close to home). You may want to try to save some expense and do it yourself, and you will have to find the people you will need to make your wedding perfect; someone to conduct the ceremony, a florist, hairdresser and makeup person, travel to and from the ceremony to the reception, car hire, marquee hire, accommodation, catering, photographer etc. These people need to be professional and understand your wishes for the wedding.
  • Your friends and family will need to travel, how can this be organized?
  • Find a budget and stick to it!

Once you have determined some guidelines from this information you can start to plan how you want your wedding day to be.

  • Fill a blank mental picture with how you want your wedding to look. Picture the scenery, the decorations, layout. Keep in mind what the weather will be like at that time of the year in that location.
  • How will you locate and accommodate your guests?
  • How will the seating fit, so your guests are comfortable?
  • How will you organize a place to stay for them?
  • How far will they need to travel from the hotel to the wedding?
  • Try to use local caterers, to minimise costs. You may be able to incorporate some local dishes or products.
  • Give your guests plenty of time to prepare and save for the trip so send your invites out early!
  • Organize to arrive at least a few days prior to the wedding, to allow time for wedding rehearsals, hair and makeup rehersals etc
  • How much shopping can you bring home?
  • Ensure you leave enough room in your luggage for some purchases, wedding presents etc….and double check you have packed everything you will need for the stay away.

Keep these considerations in mind whilst planning, because it’s your special day…the more you plan, the smoother the wedding will go, and you can truly enjoy the day and all that goes with it!

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