How To Keep Your Bouquet Fresh On A Hot Day

How To Keep Your Bouquet Fresh On A Hot Day


The weather seems to be getting hotter each year in Australia and you are getting married on a hot day. DON’T PANIC.

Worried about your bouquet of fresh flowers, well we have a few ideas on keeping them looking fresh and alive.


It is not always possible to choose native flowers but if you can it will certainly assist on a hot day.  Native flowers are extremely hardy and used to the conditions.

Native flowers also dry beautifully and this will make it easy to preserve your bouquet yourself.


If you are using a marquee as a venue then any floral decorations that are close to the roof will be affected by the heat due to hot air rising, therefore, consider using more native greenery and foliage.

When it comes to your bouquet if it is exceedingly hot then why not make the greenery and foliage the main focus with just a scattering of flowers and even then choose the hardy types such as proteas etc.


Spray Bottle – Keep a small spray bottle of water on hand.  This could be given to a member of the bridal party and they could just spray when needed.

Your flowers will thank you by looking great through the day.

Vase – Have a vase near by with fresh water and pop the bouquet in the vase when you are at the reception.  Another idea is to speak to your venue and see if they could store them in a cool room or fridge at the reception whilst you are eating and mingling with people and then retrieve them later.


It should go without saying that in hot weather avoid leaving your bouquet in direct sunlight as the flowers have been cut and will be thirsty (hence the spray bottle), again, best to store in a cool room or fridge if possible.


After the ceremony if you are having photographs taken and particularly want a range of photographs which focus on your bouquet then ensure these are done as soon as possible to avoid photographs or droopy flowers.  You want them snapped when they are fresh and vibrant.

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