Proposal Stories – Congrats To All Couples

Proposal Stories – Congrats To All Couples


We love it when couples share their proposal stories with us. A proposal story is unique and a time you will never forget.

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From the team here at Wedding Suppliers NSW we wish you Love, Laughter, Joy and Hugs.


Krystal & David

David completely surprised me on top of a cliff in the Blue Mountains.

I thought I knew when and where it was happening being the control freak that I am.  A few days before the proposal David had told me that the ring was still a few weeks out from being ready, so “we” planned for it to happen on our Europe trip that was coming up.

Instead David set up a camera, as he always does when we go out, and captured the moment we were on a cliff, with him kneeling down and me pulling him up sure that he was joking!

A very big surprise but I’m glad he got me when I wasn’t expecting it… Now we are very excited about our big day next November with friends and family 🙂