Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Wedding TIPS

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Wedding TIPS


Weddings can be a wasteful affair. With growing concern over our damage to the world’s climate, choosing eco-friendly options for your wedding can be a great way to help reduce your impact.

Below are some of the most effective ways to make sure your wedding is as eco-friendly as possible:

  • Create a plant-based wedding menu.
  • Plan a local wedding.
  • Buy a pre-owned wedding dress.
  • Rent your wedding outfits.
  • Have a green honeymoon.
  • Use in season flowers.
  • Hire local vendors.
  • Restore a vintage wedding dress.
  • Buy locally sourced alcohol.
  • Shop for ethically sourced engagement rings and wedding bands.
  • Choose wedding invitations made from recycled paper.
  • Pick an eco-friendly venue.
  • Choose a sustainable florist.
  • Reduce food wastage.
  • Use bio-degradable decorations.
  • Choose green wedding favours.
  • Use rose petals or gum leaf confetti.
  • Bubble blowers can be used instead of confetti.

If you can think of more ways then let us know and we shall include, the more we can think of, the more we can help our planet, and still have a great wedding day.

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